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Limited Editions and Artist Proofs

The Reproductions featured on this Les Ray Site are hand-signed and are of Limited Edition or Artist Proofs and Numbered, which will greatly increase the value of these Giclee Reproductions.

A "signed and numbered" print is a print from the edition that is published and individually signed by the artist. Each print will have its own number. If you own a print that is numbered 25/250, this means that out of 250 prints that comprise the edition, you have the 25th one that is signed by the artist. The Les Ray Studio usually offers two (2) sizes, and does a limited edition on each size; usually out of 250 or 1,000. The value of Limited Editions are increased.

In addition, usually two (2) sizes are also offered in an "Artist Proof". These are charged an additional $100. since the amount of reproductions available are greatly reduced, thus increasing the value even more. The amount on the Artist Proofs put out on the market of the two (2) sizes are either 25 or 50. No more are sold in Artist Proofs once those numbers have been reached. These are handsigned by the Artist.

Certificates of Authenticity and Limited Edition and/or Artist Proofs are shipped with the reproduction.

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